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March 14-15, 2020 Delhi's largest all Women Hackathon

SheHacks DTU
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About SheHacks DTU


STEM fields have seen a notorious under-representation of women leading to a flawed perception that undermines their skills. We intend to change this culture and ensure that female students in engineering colleges have a safe space and community to back them. Therefore, CLIMB - the all women community of DTU presents SheHacks DTU, an all women hackathon for women with a passion for technology to come together and build innovative solutions to real world problems!

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Choose your track and start innovating



Today's most exciting use cases for blockchain technology extend far beyond payments and digital currency. With the advent of "smart contracts" and turing-complete frameworks, blockchain technology has evolved far beyond just bitcoins. It is time to join the Web 3.0 revolution!

Artificial Intelligence

From bots, to personal assistants, and shopping automation, what the future holds for artificial intelligence can be described for sure with at least one word; Exciting. Our machines and devices are getting faster, more efficient and slowly learning to do things on their own.


VR and AR is the extension of our minds, and is meant for those interested in building immersive, engaging experiences for real industry applications. From fashion and sports to data visualisation and engineering to education and healthcare, every sector will be impacted by the rise of VR & AR.


The financial services industry is facing a wave of digital disruption that is starting to reshape the sector. This industry is currently the second-biggest target for disruption, after health care.

Social Good

Encourage people to change the world for the better. This could mean hacking on politics, helping a nonprofit, or making it easier for others to volunteer their time.

Internet of Things

A world of devices connected by internet opens up opportunities for us that were previously unthinkable. Innovative apps can be built that allow devices to share data and take intelligent decisions.


None of us need to search far for a friend or family member impacted by sickness or injury. At our most vulnerable moments, we are confronted with a healthcare system woefully incapable of meeting the current demands. We are calling on all hackers and sponsors to innovate for a healthier future.


From self driving cars to smart cities software and sensor technology is changing the way we move around. Hate traffic? We too. Hate pollution? Same. Hate finding a parking spot? Yep. Join the Future Mobility track and solve these problems.


Ever wondered why is there a price hike while we hunt for the same flight over and over? Algorithms do it for the Airlines. This concept of Algorithms has existed for centuries; from increasing your flight fares to making your work easier online, algorithms are an integral part of how computers process data. With this track, you challenge world's best programmers and put your coding skills at their best!

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Hackathon Schedule

Day 01 full schedule

March 14, 2020

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Team Registration

Ice-breaking Session

Opening Ceremony and Keynote by CLIMB

Hacking begins

Tezos Blockchain Workshop by OP Malviya



First Round of Evaluation


Day 02 full schedule

March 15, 2020

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Midnight Snacks and Fun Activities


Final Round of Evaluation

Shortlisting Top Teams and Introduction of Judges

Presentation and Demo by Top Teams

Result Announcement and Closing Ceremony

Never hesitate to ask

Frequently asked questions

Q.Is participation free of charge?

A.YES. TOTALLY. We offer you free participation, free resting lounge, free snacks.

Q.Do I have to stay at the venue for the whole duration?

A.No. But as a minimum, we expect you to register at the event and meet the judges/mentors at the start. Be present and show your project to the mentors/judges at the midway checkpoint and join the Finals/Award ceremony. But who would want to miss the spirit of the whole event? So be there, it will be AMAZING.

Q.Can I participate if I cannot write code?

A.Yes you can! But we definitely recommend you to team up with some people with coding skills. Business developers, designers are important in every team!

Q.I am a beginner. Can I participate?

A.Yes you can! We have expert mentors for every track to help you make the most of your time with us!

Q.Can I apply individually?

A.You may apply as an individual and in our networking and ice-breaker session, we'll help you find your Dream Team!

Q.Is there a limit to number of team members?

A.A team can have upto a maximum of 4 members.

Q.What should I bring with me?

A.Bring your own laptop and other devices such as your phone, tablet, chargers, travel and laptop adapters etc. Also bring your personal items and whatever you think you would need!

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